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This way of booking is done only to reduce the waiting times and give people with large multiple session work a chance to complete projects in good time. 

If you are planning on contacting me about a tattoo there are a few things you can do to make the process quicker and clearer. 

I require a 50% deposit on all appointments.  For anyone far away/overseas this can be done via Paypal.

Please include reference material/ideas with your request, or state if you are happy to give free reign to the project.

Please include a photo of the area you wish to have tattooed, also marking out in pen the size of the space dedicated to the project.

Small-Medium work is carried out at £100 per hour 

Large work is charged at a day rate of £450

I have pre designed pieces that I would like to do and these are offered at a rate that can be discussed in person. 

I can be reached at or this contact form.